We offer the following servies:

  • Counselling & Guidance: We offer free counseling to those with personal, family or professional problems. Contact us on phone/WhatsApp: +91 98920 93534 or email:
  • Basic computer classes for poor students in slums/villages.
  • English-speaking classes for students of other mediums among the underprivileged students and adults.
  • Tailoring classes for poor women in slums/villages.
  • Tuition classes to help poor students learn better.
  • Personality development classes to help poor slum/village students and adults to improve their lifestyles
  • Women empowerment projects to empower women and make them independent and self-supporting.
  • Family life, youth and student seminars- to impart practical knowledge for effective living.
  • Leadership training for professionals, commuity leaders and youth leaders to be more effective in serving and leading others.