Who We Are?

The Helpline: Call Calvary 98920 93534 for Victory! Today! Anyday! Anytime!

Where there is no vision, people perish' said the greatest wiseman Solomon many years ago! To 'rebuild lives and mentor the next generation' has been the commitment and heartbeat of A. Othniel, since 1985. Travelling to so many places in and around Mumbai and all over most of India and other countries, touching lives and transforming communities holistically to develop into mature, responsible and useful human beings!

The Calvary Centre ' is a regd Charitable Trust for non-profit (NPO/NGO) based in Thane, (Mumbai), India since 1996. Started by A.Othniel and managed by a Board of 7 trustees. Supported by voluntary gifts/donations by well-wishers and friends. Involved in holistic personal and community development activities.

Jeevn Vikas Kendra, the Life Development Centre is a project launched some years ago, with the theme of “Empowering through Education.” We locate the poor, needy and backward areas, especially Slums & Villages and open a centre. We offer basic Computer Classes, English-speaking classes and Tailoring classes open for all communities. On Sundays conduct Sunday Schools for children and counseling meetings for families. We also organize Seminars for students, youth and families on public holidays on practical issues and personality development. During School Vacations in summer and winter, we hold a week-long Vacation Children School at these Centres. These daily 2hr classes have a variety of activities for developing

The Board:

  • Founder & President: A. Othniel
  • Treasurer: Francis Pereira
  • Secretary: Sherry Pereira
  • Members: Maria Khandagale
  • Paul Muniram Tharu
  • Markus (Ramesh) Yadav
  • A.D. Sujanamma.
  • Staff:Vishwas: Car Driver & Office Asst

You are welcome to be a partner/supporter to share in our vision to rebuild lives and mentor the next generation. Thanks and blessings.